One Day in the Life of a Zaonezhian Family. Kizhi Exhibition Hall. Petrozavodsk

The exhibition represents one day in the life of a Zaonezhian family in the late 19th - early 20th century. Visitors can learn about various traditional household occupations typical of farmers - men and women, young and old.

You will find yourself among unknown and rare things which a modern person is not used to. Here one can get to know about traditional methods of washing, boiling and bleaching clothes, carrying water, heating water in a samovar. Visitor will see the surprizing variety of household utensils and equipment, find farmers' cookery recipes. Also one can see a country girl's attic room and traditional dowry, recall shoe-making, haymaking and other traditional occupations of the past days.
The exhibition creates the world of household items, which are out-of-use now and whose purpose is forgotten nowadays. They help you to get imbued by the atmosphere of traditional living of the past, which is always a facsinating experience.
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