Vodlozerye: the Land. The Water. The Sky, Exhibition in Kizhi Centre

The Museum-Reserve "Kizhi" invites all lovers for Russian North culture to the exhibition of photographs by Basil Shcherbinin devoted to the 20th Anniversary of Vodlozersky National Park.

The exhibition is held in Kizhi Exhibition Centre in Petrozavodsk from January, 21st to February 27th, 2011.

Photo images of Vodlozero area is presented within the partner project of Kizhi Museum and Vodlozersky National Park with the assistance of Ministry of Culture of Karelian Republic and Karelian Association in Saint-Petersburg.

The personal photo exhibition by Vasily Scherbinin, a designer from Saint-Petersburg, is dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of Vodlozersky National Park. Karelian nature shown on the photos looks artistic and touching. His photos seem to be neither far-fetched nor plain. The author doesn’t want to amaze the spectators, but shares his impressions and his personal view.

Vodlozersky Park was founded in 1991 by the decree of the Russian Federation Government to preserve natural, historical and cultural heritage of Vodlozero region, to carry out researches, and organise ecological education and tourism. It occupies the area of about 0,5 million hectares on the territory of  the Republic Karelia and Archangelsk region. In 2010 Vodlozersky Park was included into UNESCO International Network of Biospheric reservations.

The remote world of virgin woods inhabited by numerous animals and birds, the silence of swamps and marshes, countless lakes in the intricate web of rivers, boundless expanses under the overhanging sky, islands with solitary chapels. All this is presented on the photographs by Vasiliy Shcherbinin.
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