Kizhi. The Age of Opolovnikov

The exhibition is dedicated to the memory of the eminent architect and restorer, founder of Kizhi Museum - one of the first open air museums in Russia.

Aleksandr Opolovnikov (1911 - 1994) - doctor of architecture, honoured architecture of the Russian Federation, laureate of the Russian National Award, honoured academician of Russian Architecture Academy, author of books on Russian wooden architecture. A. Opolovnikov designed the project of Kizhi Pogost restoration in 1949 - 1959. A great number of pieces of Russian Northern wooden architecture were restored according to the projects of architect Opolovnikov.

The exhibition demonstrates original architectural drawings - the first sketch layouts of the future open air museum of wooden architecture. Working drawings, restoration projects from collections of Kizhi Museum will acquaint you with the art of architectural graphics. You will see the original wooden decorative details (fascia boards, window frame, balcony pillars), fragments of metal roofing from the domes of the Transfiguration Church, aspen shingles and nails and also portrait gallery of Kizhi Island carpenters, who worked under the direction of architect Opolovnikov.
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