Kizhi. Weaving handicraft in Olonets province. Late XIX - early XX centuries

From Kizhi Museum collections, collections of Museum of Fine Arts of Karelian Republic, with the participation of Pudozh Museum of Local History, Vepsian Ethnographic Museum of Sheltozero, the branch of Karelian Museum of Local History.

The exhibition represents one of the ancient women's handicrafts. You will get acquainted with the history of weaving, construction of weaver's loom, retrace the process of linen manufacturing beginning from warping of threads and making the loom ready for weaving. Four weaver's looms will demonstrate samples of various weaving techniques: motley flax linen, floor covering, towel with woven decoration, laced flax linen. You will watch the process of weaving of ordinary and complicated patterns on two pedal and four pedal weaver's looms.

The exhibition demonstrates woven articles from Vepsian, Karelian, and Russian regions of Olonets province. Old clothes, towels, blankets, belts, demonstrated at the exhibition, will be evidences of our ancestors' great industry, natural intelligence and unique perception of the universe. The exhibition demonstrates traditional woven art works.

The exhibition is supplemented with master classes on weaving belts.
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