International forum "Investments in the Future" will be held in Karelia

On November, 24-25 Karelia will be a venue for the international forum Investments in the Future. The idea of the forum was offered by the Government of Karelia and supported by the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev. The major task of the forum is to present Karelia's potential and involve investors for implementation of new projects.
It is natural that Karelia is a venue for the investment forum. The Government of the republic pursues the open door policy and has already undertaken a number of steps to make the region more perspective for investors both external and internal.
Among the forum participants there are heads and representatives of the federal ministries and departments, Office of the Plenipotentiary of the President of the Russian Federation in Northwest federal district, heads of regions, as well as the largest enterprises of the country, representatives of cultural, scientific, public and religious organizations, foreign visitors. In all 650 participants have registered to take part in the forum.
Forums of the level so high are held only in four cities of Russia. Karelia will become the fifth region that has come forward with such initiative. At that, Karelian forum has its special flavour. Alongside with solution of purely pragmatic issues of economic and investment development of regions, problems of spirituality and morals will be discussed there.
The motto of the forum is «Investments in the future – investments in persons».
The forum will be launched on November 24 with opening a modulan exhibition The Republic of Karelia: Investments in the Future. It will present the largest industrial enterprises of the republic, tourist programs of regions, programs of the state and financial support of small and medium business enterprises, as well as key investment and innovative projects, modern telecommunication services and projects of low-height housing construction. Altogether, more than 50 enterprises from Karelia, St.-Petersburg, and Moscow take part in the exhibition. The branch of the Pension Fund of Russia in Karelia will organize a consulting office at the exhibition concerning the program of the state co-financing of pension savings.
Eight discussion sites on various subjects – economy, tourism, public health, innovations, issues of spiritual development and social partnership – will work within the scope of the forum.
During the round table discussion of the subject of Spiritual and Moral Potential of the Region as the Term of Mobilization of Investments public and religious organizations of Karelia will present their projects focused on preservation and development of spiritual and moral potential of the region.
All the round table discussions will be summed up at the plenary session where participants will adopt a resolution of the forum Investments in the Future.
The second day of a forum will be devoted to business negotiations and meetings, signing of agreements. The final press conference will take place at 11:00.
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