Spiritual stones of Vottovaara

Vottovaara rock is a peak in the western part of the Karelian height.

By its significance the monument may be refereed to spiritual structure which was erected for religious ceremonies. This spiritual complex occupies the whole surface of the rock and several heights situated apart near the rock. Its area is approximately 6 square kilometers.

The first unit in studying of this monument is spiritual stone. In science literature it is firmly but erroneously called “seid”. It will be more accurate to say that “spiritual stone” is rubble-stone or rock fragment which was artificially pulled out. Usually it is existence of “navershiy”, “nozhek” or evidently deliberate grouping.

The number of stones is greater than 1000. For the most part they concentrate in the center – right on the peak and steep south-western, southern and south-eastern slopes. Here they are on each rocky outcrop. Mainly spiritual stones are situated in groups (from 2 to 44 specimens in a particular group). Usually these groups attach to small reservoirs, dominant rocks without soil.

It is almost impossible to imagine the monument not bound to specific nature surroundings. On the peak (417 meters) it is very convenient to see high-altitude flora zonality – the upper level is forest-tundra already. Landscape is broken: rocky outcrops alternate not great marshes and small lakes. In natural rocky amphitheater, in 150 meters to the south-west from the peak the results of tectonic activity are seen: blocs are gaped because of splits, raised or inversely pulled down rocky fragments.

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