The earliest record of Vyartsila is a note in a census book of 1499-1500. Vyartsilya then consisted of three yards and belonged to the Orthodox Nikol’sko-Serdovol’sky churchyard of Korelsky district of the Karelian part of Velikiy Novgorod.

In 1617 under the conditions of the peace treaty the whole territory of Korelsky district passed to Swiss, and when the Orthodox Karelian inhabitants went to Russia, a new Lutheran population came in, mainly from Savo. The old Vyartsilya belonged to the volost’ of Tohmajarvi founded in 1651.

Under the conditions of the peace treaty made after the Northern War in 1721 in Uusikaupunki Swiss ceded the territory of Ladozshskaya Karelia to Russia. Vyartsila became the boundary village, and most of agricultural grounds stayed in Russia.

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