The village of Lyaskelya was first mentioned in the land inventory book of the Karelian Uezd in 1618, compiled by the Swedes after they had seized the northern part of Ladoga Lake region (the Peace Treaty of Stolbova). At that time there was only one house here.

The first industrial works on the river Janisjoki flowing through the village was а sawmill built in 1780. In 1869, Nils Ludvig Arppe - one of the most important sawmill owners in Karelia - bought the waterpower sawmill for 20200 rubies from the Russian artillery department. In 1875, his heirs expanded the business with а nail workshop. In 1898, the enterprise was converted into а stock company "Vartsila АV". In 1903, а carpentry shop, and in 1905 а paper mill ware put into operation.

At present the Lyaskelya paper mill produces wallpaper and обжег paper for household needs. The factory is situated in the centre of the village on the bank of the river Janisjoki. The buildings are made of red brick. The main building of the mill built in 1899 has arched windows. The walls are decorated with pilasters and by horizontal belts. The paper-making machine of German production has worked here since 1901. The complex of the Laskela paper mill is of historic and architectural significance as an example of the industrial architecture of the late 19th century.

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