It is the historical rune-singing village of Belomorsk Karelia. Just at that spot was born the idea to collect Karelian runes into a single epic "Kalevala" by  Elias Lennorata.
A monument to rune-singers "Stone by  Vaassily" was opened in Voinitsa in September 18, 1995.It was set by Karelian Educational Society (Karjalan Sivistysseura) in collaboration with the community of "Kalevala" (Kalevalaseura), designed by Finnish architect Marty Ayhan. And it is set at the farther shore of bay of lake Verhneye Kuytto, supposedly in the place where was lived Vassila Kielevyaynen.
In the south part of the village there is a Chpel, that was built In southern VOINITSEV the chapel, built in 2005 by Finnish friends in honor of the holy martyrs Maccabees and their teacher Eleazar.
For most tourists are interesting old architecture and, of course, nature. On the lake Verhneye Kuytto there are beautiful places to fish and hunt. In the summer and autumn in the forest a lot of mushrooms and berries.
Annually in August , people celebrate  "Marya makoveyn Päivi" - Berry saved (the first Sunday of August). The origins of the holiday leave in the old days, when every village celebrates its Karelian Orthodox holiday.

In  25-km drive to the north-west of the village Voinitsa  is a waterfall Kumi, the direct distance is 12 km

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