This territory was settled owing to the extension of the Korela stem along Ladoga, and 168 archaeological moorings discovered on this shores attest about it. In 1500 the village Yakkima that was a part of Kirjazhsky churchyard existed on the place of the future city and 168 families lived in it. Over 70 years only 6 families remained, the others had run to cloisters or “vanished irrevocably” because of permanent Sweden raids.

An architect Otto Mureman worked out the first regular plan of Lahdenpohya development, tuning on the city development as one of the best ports (Yakkima harbor) of Ladoga. After the Karelian railway (Joensu – Northern Proladozhje) was built in the end of the 19th century the branch line was laid from the station Yakkima to the city.

By 1930s the city had become a popular place of tourists’ attendance, the boats to Valaamsky Archipelago sailed from its harbor. Yakkimskaya Kirha is among the monuments that were retained from the time of regular building of monuments. You can go from it to the mountain Starik with beautiful views of Ladoga Scerries and the lake. The homestead Rauhala is an excellent pattern of architecture of the 19th century.

The territory that surrounds the city is as picturesque as the whole Priladozhje.

There are the tourist routes from the city along Ladoga Scerries, islands and beaches. Island Putsaari with its own particular microclimate is one of the most interesting place. The exploitation and extraction of granite had been in progress for a long time in this place. The base of the monument to Catherine the Great in St Petersburg was stacked up out of the granite from Putsaari.

The settlement Lumivaara is 10 km away from the regional center. In Lumivaara the Lutheran Kirha the single cultural monument of such type in Karelia retained in scarcely original condition was built in 1935 on the Mountain Rokkanata.

Statistic data:
City of regional submission (Lahdenpohya Region, the Republic of Karelia)
Center: Lahdenpohya Region, the Republic of Karelia
The date of foundation: 1600
City status since: 1945
The city was named Sieklahti until 1924
Phone code: 81450*****
Deflection from Moscow time: 0
Latitude: 61˚31΄
Longitude: 30˚11΄

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