The village was mentioned in 1496 for the first time. This is a small village on the bank of river Shya 12 km far from Pryazha.

"Kindasovtsy", or people living in the village of Kindasovo, like Karelians in general, are cheerful and hospitable, with great sense of humor. With great pleasure they tell funny and amusing stories supposedly happened to their ancestors, and they necessarily add: "That was long time ago, at the time of our grand-grandparents".

The stories about fools and nunnies are very popular with many people: the Russians tell about Poshehontsy, Bolgarians – Gabrovtsy, Swedish – about people of Sedertal near Stockholm etc. The characters of such stories were the natives of Kheme in Finland and Kindasovo in Karelia.

Since 1995 annual humor folk holiday, or open air folk festival of humour has been held here (the 3rd Sunday of June). Annually thousands of guests are invited to listen to Kindasovo stories, take part in competitions and a lottery. Recently a special performance for tourists has been organized all year round.

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