There are several big and small villages on the southern bank of lake Kroshnozero. They form a "nest" (group system) of settlements with the center of Kroshnozero village. The village of Kotchyra is one of these small settlements of this group and located 24 km far to the west from Pryazha.

The houses in Kotchyra are located along the lakeshore. The composition dominant is The chapel of st. John Divine and a Holy Grove ("svyaschennaya roscha"), which are well seen from neighboring villages.

The chapel of st. John Divine of the village of Kotchyra was built at the end of XVIII century and is located in the cemetery grove on the lakeshore.

Besides the chapel, old graves with traditional crosses are of interest as well. From this place one can see a large panorama of the lake Kroshnozero. There is the village ("selo") of Kroshnozero on the opposite bank of the lake.

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