The village of Veshkelitsa is 100 km far from Petrozavodsk on the way to Suoyarvi. The settlement was founded in ХVII. The village of Vishkelitsa represents a group system of settlements (a nest - “gnezdo”– a group of villages), consisting of twenty medium and small farmstead peasant settlements.

Nowadays some settlements are joined in one residential site in the central part of the village, although planning of village outskirts has its original pattern. The landscape of Vishkelitsa is interesting. The village is situated on the banks of seven small lakes (Kirikijarvi, Matkajarvi, Koverajarvi etc.). The relief is very billowy, with steep banks and hills, different in height. The unique landscape determines picturesque settlement features. The center of the composition of the rural settlement was Georgievskaya church (George the Martyr) Planning structure of the village refers to the planning type where the buildings are located in rows or lines along the shore.

Residential part of Veshkelitsa is mainly represented by traditional houses of manor type. Among these there are many houses built in the beginning of ХХ century, some houses – in the end of XIX. The central part of the village is built up by modern apartment houses distorting its historical image.

There are shops, a school, a house of culture, and rural administration office in the village. The economics of the village develops due to agricultural activities (meat and milk) and fur farming.

In 1980-s the chapel (“chasovnya”) of Georgij Pobedonosets (George the Victorious) (monument of folk architecture of XVII cent.) was brought to Vishkelitsa from Kangozero.

Sorokin’s house is of great interest as a traditional one (end of XIX cent.). The following measures should be taken to use the village of Vishkelitsa as an object for excursions: organize a bus stop near the chapel and Sorokin’s house, built the stairs to go up the hill to the chapel, organize a sightseeing ground near the chapel. It is supposed to put information desks near the chapel and Sorokin’s house. It is reasonable to put a toilet near the bus stop near the chapel, and at the next stage – organize an ethnographic exposition in Sorokin’s house (the house is proposed to be given to the property of local administration).

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