Tourist complex "Piipun Piha"

District Sortavalsky
City Sortavala
Address Promyshlennaya Str., 44
More +7 (921) 457-04-04, +7 (81430) 4-50-65, +7 (921) 526-11-11, +7 (921) 529-94-97, +7 (81430) 4-51-10

The name of the tourist complex "Piipun Piha" in Finnish means "a yard with a chimney". The look of the hotel corresponds with its name. The building has a long history. Originally it was used as a sawmill, them as a garment factory. Since 1991 it is a hotel decorated with a chimney.

The complex is situated at the shore of the Ladoga lake. It has its own guarded territory, planted with trees. There is a parking lot, an equipped slope for motor boats, a summer stage with a barbeque brazier. A long pier receding into the lake is a perfect place for a walk. A ship berth sides with the hotel. There is a high-speed ship passage to Valaam so you’ll not need to go far away to get an opportunity to see this famous island.

There are 21 rooms in the hotel. Three of them are singles, 12 are doubles, 2 rooms are for three persons and 4 rooms are for four persons. On the whole the hotel accommodate 49 persons. All the rooms are well equipped. Due to its small size, the hotel is cozy and has a very attentive staff.

A hot sauna will help you to relax and to gain strength after a hard day. Our restaurant offers you tasty meals and live music. Each Friday and Saturday there is a disco party at the bar. Performances of folk and dance groups are available on request.

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