6 scenic gardens, national parks and reserves to go to Karelia

Kivach reserve

The Nature Reserve of Kivach is located to the north of Petrozavodsk (65 km) in Kondopozhskiy region. Kivach reserve is the first protected territory in Karelia. It was organized in 1931 on the territory of 2000 ha and later enlarged tol 10.6 thousand ha. The preserve is crossed with the Suna River which has more than 50 rapids and waterfalls. The most famous waterfall is the “Kivach”. Its height is 10,7 meters. Water falls down in 4 ledges among mighty basaltic rocks.

Kalevalsky national park

The area of the park created within the borders of the City of Kostomuksha urban district is more than 74 thousand hectares. Kalevalsky national park is founded for preservation of a large natural forestland remained in the territory of the Republic of Karelia, as well as for protection of natural and cultural landscape which became the basis of the world-famous Karelian epos Kalevala.

Kostomukshskiy reserve

The reserve was formed in 1983 on the territory of 47.5 thousand  hectares. In 1989 on the basis of Kostomukshsky reserve and 5 near-by protected territories of Finland an international reserve "Friendship" was formed. This is a perfect example of a famous thesis "Nature doesn't have borders".

Paanajarvi national park

National Park "Paanajarvi" is located in the north-west of Karelia, in its highest part on Maanselikja mountain ridge. The landscapes of the park are very picturesque - here mountain peaks alternate with deep ravines, numerous lakes, various bogs, wide rivers and waterfalls. Mountainsides and river valleys are covered with undisturbed forests, among which thin fir-woods predominate. There are winter and summer routes and many tourist guest houses in the park.

National park "Vodlozersky"

National park "Vodlozersky" was founded in 1991 by the decision of the Russian government in order to preserve natural and historical heritage of Vodlozerje, to hold researches and to develop ecotourism. Nowadays the national park is the place where international scientific expeditions, seminars, conferences and ecological camps are held. All the ancient traditions are now being revived.

Botanic garden of Petrozavodsk State University

The botanic garden was founded in 1951 on the northeast coast of Petrozavodsk bay of Onego lake, on the slope of the relic volcano. It is one of the most northern introduction points of Russia. It is located on the edge of natural distribution of many species of wood plants that makes it a link between the north Polarl-Alpine and St.-Petersburg botanic gardens in carrying out of step acclimatization of plants important for forestry, green construction and northern fruit growing.


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