Museums in Karelia

Its no  wonder that tourists in Karelia  for the first time try to visit different museums to get acquainted with the cultural traditions and customs of the region.

Tourists who are lacking  time or arriving in Karelia in  late autumn, spring or winter can take a virtual excursion round Kizhi Island in The Kizhi Museum in Petrozavodsk.
Karelian State Museum invites tourists who want to get acquainted with history of settlement in Karelia, its natural and geographical specifics.
Don’t hesitate to learn more about Karelian customs, traditional costumes, cuisine and fairytale Karelian heroes - you will really enjoy excursions to Olonets National museum, Sheltozero Veps Ethnographic Museum and Art gallery «Puppet House».
3 years ago Karelian museums joined the festival of the European Night of Museums. During a late-night opening, visitors can discover, for free, museums’ collections and all the special events organized for the festival. We hope that every tourist will find his or her Own Museum.

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