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The Republic of Karelia has unique landscape and nature resources. With the total area of 180.500, more than 50 per cent of its territory is covered by forests (Karelia is called "the lungs" of Europe), and about 26 per cent - and by water, with a great amount of lakes (63 thousand) and rivers (27 thousand).

The two largest lakes in Europe - Lake Onego and Lake Ladoga - and Belomoro-Baltic Channel (228 km long), which connects the basins of Baltic and White seas, are situated on it's territory.

Almost a million hectares or more than 5 per cent of the total area of the republic consists of specially protected natural territories: national parks "Paanajarvi", "Vodlozerky" and "Kalevalsky", nature park "Valaamsky Archipelago", preserves "Kivach" and "Kostomukshskiy", other reserves and nature monuments. There are a lot of outstanding landscapes on their territories.

A hundred kilometers away from Petrozavodsk on Suna River "a diamond-like water pours" - the largest in Europe waterfall "Kivach". Fifty kilometers away from Petrozavodsk, the first Russian resort "Marcial Waters", founded 280 years ago by Emperor Peter the First, is located. The resort has unique salubrious mineral waters - they are the first in the world on iron content.

The forests, lakes and rivers of Karelia offer a perfect opportunity for the development of different types of tourism: hunting, fishing, safari, rafting, e.t.c.

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