Top attractions in Petrozavodsk

1.         Historical building block in Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk is one of a few cities where fragments of building blocks of the XIX century remained. Organization of the historical building block between Kuibyshev, Fedosova, Malaya Slobodskaya streets and the bank of the Neglinka river has been stipulated in the general plan of development of Petrozavodsk since the 70s of the XX century.

2.         Onego embankment

One of the most beautiful places of the city – the Onego embankment – stretches out along the shore for a few hundred meters. Interesting modern sculptures and monuments presented by Petrozavodsk sister--cities decorate the embankment.

 3.         The Round Square Ensemble

The oldest square in the republic, which was at different times called Round Square, Square of the 25th of October, is now named Lenin square. It is the only ensemble of stone architecture of the 18 century in the city.

 4.         The Council Square Ensemble

All the constructions on the square are connected with arts. The former gymnasium is the Karelian State Art Museum now. The one-story building of a primary school now belongs to the City culture house. Nowadays Kirov square is the place to hold concerts, festivals, exhibitions and performances.

 5.         Governor’s garden

The park is situated near Lenin square (the Round sq.). It was founded in the 19 century by uniting two gardens. In 2003 the park was reconstructed when a new wrought iron fence with gates and a monument to Gavriil Derzhavin appeared.

 6.         Petrovsky garden

The garden was founded by Peter the Great during his first visit to our region. It was the first garden in Petrozavodsk. Throughout its history the garden became one of the most favourite places of rest among with city residents.

7.         Walking around Petrozavodsk

a)        A walking trip along the embankment of the Onego Lake. The trip starts from the hotel “Karelia” and lies along the shore of the lake. It is a  favorite place among locals with its monuments if modern art presented by Petrozavodsk sister-cities.The walk ends with visiting the citys historical part from the 19th century.

b)        A trip to Solomennoe to visit the Church of Purification of Virgin Mary and the botanic garden of Petrozavodsk State University.

c)         A walk around the central part of the town. We start on Lenin str. goint to Circular sq.(Lenin sq. nowadays) where the memorial complex to  World War II and the State Museum are situated. Then, we reach the so called “Theatre square”(Kirov sq.) passing K. Marks str. After a cultural excursion we suggest coming down to the Lososinka river to enjoy the nature.

d)        A walk to the Cathedral of St.Al. Nevsky and to the Cathedral of the Exaltation of the Cross

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