Things to do outdoor for you and your kids


Bycycle rent service from the  Kurgan sport complex is a good way to visit more sights in Pertozavodsk.


Rafting is extremely popular in Karelia. Two-hour rafting down Shuja river (8 km, 3 rapids) will give you great impressions. At the end of the route you will have a barbeque. Experienced tourists can try themselves on a 3 to 7 days rafting.


Autumn is a season for fishing and hunting in Karelia, but also it is a hot season for ATV-tours. Flood, mud with snow and dirty roads will be a little problem to solve if you are riding an ATV.

Rock climbing

Most part of the territory of the republic is an undulating plain. Nevertheless, the wavy surface of the land still keeps the traces of the ancient mountains (rocks near the village Impilahti), that are  used as a territory for rock-climbing.

One-day boat tour on traditional wooden boat of Peter the Great Epoque.

An unhasting trip under sail will help tourists to see Petrozavodsk from unusual perspective

Onego embankment. It is an open museum with different modern monuments that were presented to Petrozavodsk as gifts to the anniversary of our town.

Aquatika sport water complex. Do you like swimming? Do you like sauna or hammam? You have a unique opportunity to improve your health condition and to have fun together with kids in spite of weather freaks. Web-site:

Puppet House Art Gallery in Petrozavodsk. Here you can discover a wonderful collection of excellent hand puppets and cloth dolls. Web-site:

«Small Country» Art Center in Petrozavodsk. An absorbing walk around streets and squares of the Country cozy towns will leave indifferent neither kids nor their parents.

Kirjazh museum.

Cultural and exhibition center of Kronid Gogolev. The Center unites the Exhibit hall - exposition of Gogolev's works, and the Art School for children, founded in 1967 by the artist. Web-site:

Tri medvedya Zoo. Here kids can observe the life and habits of wild animals in taiga forests. Web-site:

White whales’ Nilmoguba village.


The National Museum of the Republic of Karelia

Petrozavodsk, 1 Lenin Square,

The Museum of Fine Arts

Petrozavodsk, 8, Karl Marks str.

Kizhi Museum in Petrozavodsk

Petrozavodsk, 10a, Kirov sq.

The Marine Museum “Polar Odysseus”

Petrozavodsk, Rigachin str., 37-b.

Belomorian Regional museum of local lore "Belomorian Petroglyphs" Belomorsk,Oktyabr'skaya  str., 5-A

Cultural and exhibition center of Kronid Gogolev

Sortavala, Komsomolskaya street, 6.

Kemi municipal museum "Pomorie"

Kem’,12 Vitsupa Str.

Kondopoga municipal museum of Local lore

Kondopoga, 13, Proletarskaja Str.

Kostomuksha municipal museum

Kostomusha, 13 Antikainen str.

Medvezhegorsk municipal museum

Medvezhegorsk, 22, Dzerzhinsky str.

North Priladozhje regional museum

Sortavala, 5, Ladozhskaya flotilla emb

Pudozh historical museum of A.Korablev

Pudozh, 43,Karl Marks str.

Museum Center of Segezha

Segezha, 16 Mir str.

National museum of livvviki (south karelian people)

Olonetz, 9, Uritsky str.

Municipal museum of Pitkyaranta

Pitkyaranta, 46, Lenin str.

Sheltozero Veps Ethnographic Museum

Prionezhsky d., village Sheltozero, 26, Pochyovaya Str.

The museum of the 1-st Russian resort "Marcial waters"

Konopozhsky d., village Marcial waters

Media Centre “Vyhod”

Petrozavodsk, K.Marks str., 14

Private Museum of Industrial History

Petrozavodsk, 1, Kalinin str.

The Art gallery “Puppet House”

Petrozavodsk, 13, La-Rochelle str.,

Petrozavodsk City Exhibition Hall

Petrozavodsk, 26, Lenin str.

The Centre of Creative development “Small Country”

Petrozavodsk, Anohin str.

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