Packaged Tour Program «Beauty and cultural identity of Karelian North with «Korela»

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Packaged Tour Program «Beauty and cultural identity of Karelian North with «Korela»

(7 days/6 nights)

Day 1

In the morning our guide will meet your busat the border crossing point of ”Ljuttja/Vartius” for a 46 km drive to Kostomuksha

Arrival in Kostomuksha. Accommodation in the hotel. Loop tour in Kostomuksha. Dinner in thehotel’s restaurant.

Day 2

After breakfast in the hotel, you will go the Karelian village of Voknavolok (56km) 

On your way to the village you will visit the Kormilo farm, get acquainted with village living and the beauties of North Karelia. 

The Museum of samovars is a calling card of the farm and a unique place in Karelia. The collection of more than 200 samovars which were brought from different parts of Russia will definitely attract your attention. 

Arrival in Voknavolok, a cultural centre of Finno-Ugric world. Excursion, tea-drinking, the national folk band’s performance. 

Departure to Kalevala (92 km), accommodation in the hotel.  

Dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. 

Day 3


Loop tour around Kalevala, getting acquainted with the Kalevala epic, visiting The Museum of runes. Lunch.

Departure to the village of Jushkozero (120 km). Arrival, accommodation in private houses. You will spend an evening with local residents being a member of their family, get acquainted with their way of living, be wined and dined.


Day 4

After breakfast you will have a walk through the village to see homes and buildings as well as to get information about its history and modern living. If you wish you can take some photos with a background of unusual suspension bridges.


Departure to Kem (200km), accommodation in the hotel. Dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

Day 5

Breakfast in the hotel. Departure to Solovky island by boat.

Arrival, accommodation at the hotel. Sightseeing tour that introduces the history of

Solovetsky monastery. Tourists visit the area of the central monastery complex, operating temples, monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, monastery household activity objects, exposures.

Boat trip to the Greater “Zayatsky” island. Visiting the biggest pagan shrine of the II-I millennium BC, the stone labyrinths and complex of burial and religious buildings, the first stone harbor in Russia, monuments of the St. Andrew's Skete.

Lunch in the monastery refectory. Return to the main island.

Dinner in the hotel’s restaurant.

Day 6

 Visiting Sekirnaya Mount - one of the highest points of the Big Solovetsky Island, which offers an unforgettable view of the northern part of the Island and the White Sea, getting acquainted with the history and monuments of the Holy Ascension Skete, where during the Solovetsky camp the solitary confinement was located serving as a place of prisoners’ punishment, visiting the unique lighthouse church.

Leisure time for walks and optional excursions. Lunch.

Departure to Kem.

Accommodation in the hotel. Dinner.

Day 7.

Breakfast in the hotel.

Departure to Kostomuksha (320 km). Lunch in the restaurant. Leisure time for shopping.

Breakfast in the hotel.

That was the final point of your tour. Departure to the border crossing point of Ljuttja/Vartius.

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