Packaged Tour Program “4 wonders of Karelia with ”Korela”

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Packaged Tour Program “4 wonders of Karelia with ”Korela”

                                                                                (4 days/3 nights)

Day 1

In the morning our guide will meet your bus at the border crossing point of ”Vyartsilya/Niirala” for a 30 km drive to Ruskeala Mountain Park.

Along with its interesting story, Ruskeala Mountain Park is one of the most picturesque places of Karelia with breathtaking views of the water filled quarries. While visiting, you can try one several activities – boating, bungee jumping or ziplining.

Lunch in Kolatselga at cafe ”Sona”( 115km from Ruskeala Park). Arrival in Petrozavodsk

Accommodation in the hotel 4* Dinner in the hotel’s restaurant

Day 2

After breakfast in the hotel, you will walk along the famous Onega Lake embankment for a loop tour around the city. Get acquainted with the history of the Karelian capital and see a great variety of attractive sculptures presented by its sister- cities.

Departure for the Kivach Waterfall (70km from the city). Beautiful any time of the year, Kivach Waterfall is fed by the Suna river as it descends over basalt rocks to form a powerful whirlpool with an impressive noise. Surrounding the waterfall is the Kivach Nature Reserve, one of the oldest in Russia, which was established in 1931. Lunch in a café or picnic by the waterfall.

Return to Petrozavodsk, leisure time.

Once again, you can walk along the Onega embankment or you can visit one of many museums, such as the Kantele State Museum of Local Lore, or the Kantele House, at an extra charge.

Active tourists may enjoy rafting on the Shuya river. Dinner in the restaurant.

Day 3


Transfer by hydrofoil to Kizhi Island

(1 hour and 15 minutes along the Onega Lake)

Kizhi Island is an open-air museum where you can see the wooden masterpieces of the Church of the Intercession and the Church of Transgiguration, as well as other ethnographic exhibits.

Lunch in the “On a Kizhi Island” restaurant Return to Petrozavodsk

Dinner in the national restaurant.

Day 4


Departure to the Karelian village of Kinerma (105 km). Meet the village Hostess who will take you on a tour to experience life in the village and to see the complex wooden architecture of the houses and the ancient Chapel. The Hostess will also give you a history of her ancestors as well as treat you to a traditional Karelian lunch.

That was the final point of your tour. Departure to the border crossing point.

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