Petrozavodsk - the Capital of Karelia

The foundation of Petrozavodsk is connected with the name of the emperor Peter The Great. In 1703, the same year a new Russian capital Saint-Petersburg was built, on the empty shores of Lososinka river Petrovsky Plant was founded. Its main activity was to process surrounding lacustrine and marsh ores, to cast cannon balls for the army and an infant navy, to produce firearms and cold weapons. By the way, some models of the plant’s production are represented in the Armoury Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin and St. Petersburg Museum of Artillery.

The modern look of the center of the city is formed with the complexes of housing and administrative constructions, built in 1950s – 1980s. Architectural ensemble of Karl Marx Avenue is under the state protection as a sample of the post-war building style.

Nowadays in Petrozavodsk on the area of 113 sq. km. lives one third of the population of Karelia. The city gives approximately a half of the national income of the republic. That is provided mainly with the enterprises of machine-building, power, transport, food and light industries. There are two universities, a conservatory, 16 colleges, 49 schools, lyceums and gymnasiums (including one national gymnasium) in Petrozavodsk. Karelian Scientific Center, 5 theatres, a philharmonic society, National Library and National Archival Depository, museums and art galleries are working in the city as well.

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