Karelskaya Gornitsa

Район Petrozavodsk
Address Engels st.,13
Web http://gornica.ru/
E-mail reserve@gornica.ru
More Tel.: +7(8142) 785-300

If you are interested in trying some authentic Karelian cuisine a visit to"Karelskaya Gornitsa" restaurant is a must for you. It is the first and the only one restaurant of Karelian cuisine in the whole world. The restaurant is located in the heart of Petrozavodsk (13, Engelsa Street), opposite "Severnaya" hotel.

Inside one can find an ancient cave decorated with animal sculls and stone axes, a front scene of carelian house, a stove crowned by a spirit of the house - keeper, an old granny room, a corner of the newly-married, a merchant room, the banquet hall for overcrowded celebrations.

Indulge yourself with fish-soup ("ukha"), roasted, baked and salted fish, fish-pies, pork, beef, reindeer, game (elk, bear, black grouse, capercailye, quail, hazel grouse), traditional Karelian pies ("kalitkas"), mushrooms and berries.

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