The Chapel of the Archangel Michael, 18th century

The Chapel of the Archangel Michael like all the Chapels of the Kizhi, was built in two periods. At first, in XVIII century, it was simple, without a bell tower, with a small porch to the west. In XIX century a new hall with a bell tower was put instead of the porch. That’s why all the Chapels on the Kizhi have two dates – the first is related to the original form, the other – to the latest.

Its binary window looks west. The roof over the eastern, the highest framework, is binary too: one side comes out under from another, suddenly surprising at the architect’s ingenuity. There is an elegant hipped bell tower with two wide platbands over the hall. It is crowned with a light cut hipped roof.

The elegance of the bell tower is acomplished with the decorations – carved decorations of the roof, bargeboards, a small elegant top with a platband over the bell tower and another top on the Chapel. It is bigger than the first, and it is decorated with a platband too.

The Chapel was brought to the island from the village of Lelikozero in 1961. It stood there on a small hill among the fields. It was lacking in an ordinary for the northern chapels surrounding of firs and, probably, that was the reason for making it picturesque on its own.

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