The Chapel of the Three Prelates, 17th century

The Chapel of the Three Prelates was brought to the open-air museum in 1962 and was put on a high ridge, in the south of the island. Firstly it was in the village of Kavgora at the turn of three streets, among the high firs (its height is 23 m).

The Chapel is asymmetrical, consists of an old western frame and a high, ochtahedral hipped bell tower on a high hall, built at the end of XVII- beginning of XVIII centuries. Later, in the early XIXth century the Chapel was attached to it.

The Chapel looks like a watchtower with its bell tower. A broad view of Lake Onego, the islands and the Kizhsky Parish opens from it.

In the village of Ust-Yandoma, on the river Yandoma shore, among the big trees, behind the fence of the big boulders, by the water, there is one of the oldest churches of Zaonejie – the Church Georgievskaya. It was built in XVII-XVIII centuries. There is a small churchyard near the Church.

The gates of the Chapel under the gable roof lead to the porch with a flat awning over the footstep, its landing is covered with a gable roof again. A high hip Belfry raises near the big firs.

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