The Church of Lazar, 14th century

The oldest wooden monument of Russia is situated not far from the Kizhsky Parish. It was brought there in 1960 from the Muromsky monastery. In XIX century all the buildings of the monastery were rebuilt and distorted. Only the Church of S Lazar, built in the middle of XIV century, has evoded recast because of its marvellous reputation.

That’s why it was put in a wooden housing in a form of a Chapel. The Church of S Lazar is the most simple church judging by its arrangement – the first steps of architecture from the living building to the religious.

The iconostas of the Church is not large, it consists of two icon lines, painted in XVI century by northern icon painters. The architecture of the Church is so simple, logistic and modest that neighbor Kizhsky Parish doesn’t prevent its perception. If one doesn’t know about this Church, he could pay no attention to it, but if one stop near this perfect and tiny monument, he couldn’t help admiring it.

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