The Elizarov house, 19th centery

Yelizarov’s house was built in 1880 and was brought to Kizhi from the village of Seredka.

The house is divided into sharply defined architectural volumes, it is truly supple and beautiful. The gentle stairs lead to the first floor. In the west, massive logs, put deep into the earth, support a large porch. A conveyance – a rolling of logs, leading to the courtyard, is attached to the western side of the shed, along the house wall with three windows. All along the western and southern facades of the house a narrow gallery is attached. It has rather a decorative importance than a practical one. All the windows are decorated with the carved beautiful surrounds.

The construction of the northern part of the courtyard’s wall is typical for every house of this kind: the first floor of the framework is leant against massive, a little inclined columns. It lets change the most short-lived bottom logs of the farm-yard without demolishing the whole wall. Yelizarov’s house is a house heated by a chemneyless stove. The smoke went out through a hole in the ceilling. The interior is very simple and well thoughtout. Various utencils are collected in a peasant’s house.

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