The Oshevnev's house, 19th century

It was built in 1876 in the village of Oshenev for a big family. In 1958 it was brought to the Kizhi.

The living space is nearly 150 sq.m. It is the most typical building for Zaonejie. It means that the living space is united with the farm-yard and the shed so that the most of work could be done without leaving the house, that was very important in a snowy winter and foul autumn.

The entrance into the house is made in the western facade and leads into the hall, from which one could get to any quarters of three floors. The whole construction keeps old traditions of northern building practice. The elegant balconies are served as decorations, there is no exit into them. Carved window surrounds are not peculiar to the wood. Decorative tracery gallery gerds the house on a first-floor level.

The interior of the house is the pattern of the peasants houses - built in benches, Russian stove, massive shelves, chests. Various utensils (agricultural implements, toys and others) are collected in a peasant’s house.

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