Kivach reserve

The Nature Reserve of Kivach is located to the north of Petrozavodsk (65 km). Kivach reserve is the first protected territory in Karelia. It was organized in 1931 on the territory of 2 thousand of hectares and later enlarged till 10.6 thousand of hectares. It is located in Kondopozhskiy region, right in the middle of the southern part of the republic. Kivach is a typical forest reserve with protected complexes of middle taiga. Almost all forms of Karelian relief are represented on its rather small territory and this predetermines the variety of plant covering. Pineries of 200-250 years old predominate on the territory of the reserve. Fir-woods of differnet age, decidious plantations and small bogs can also be found here.

Altogether flora of the reserve consists of more that 600 species of vascular plants. Animal world is also very varied. It includes 48 species of mammals, 202 kinds of birds, 3 species of reptiles, 4 species of amphibious, 20 kinds of fish and thousands of invertebrate animals. So, today there are representatives of the north, south and middle taiga faunas in the preserve. All these animals are in special ecosystem in the preserve; they remake matters of mortified plants eating up leaves, branches and grasses. Elements of the ecosystem control number of each other thereby they prolong life of the whole preserve.

The preserve is crossed with the Suna River which has more than 50 rapids and waterfalls. The most famous waterfall is the “Kivach”. Its height is 10,7 meters. Water falls down in 4 ledges among mighty basaltic rocks.

Immediately near the waterfall there is preserve’s farm. On its territory nature museum and not large arboretum with 70 specimens of trees are situated. Here among several exotic trees you can see various forms of famous Karelian larch. Local museum is famous for its entomological collection. Visiting of the preserve and the waterfall is comprised in almost all excursions about Karelia but nowadays tourism in the preserve is not the main thing and this distinguish the preserve from the national park where measure ecotourism is available.

How to get

Travel by your own car or with a tour group to the north of Petrozavodsk on M18 highway. The road goes through the town of Kondopoga and towards Girvas settlement. About 20 km after Kondopoga, just before the settlement of Sopoha, turn to the left to get to the Reserve.

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