Kostomukshskiy reserve

The reserve was formed in 1983 on the territory of 47.5 thousand hectares. It is located 25 kms to the west from Kostomuksha city and borders with the frontier of Finland. A remarkable ruggedness is typical for its relief: rocky massifs and starved ridges alternate with lowerings occupied with lakes and bogs.

There are about 250 lakes in the reserve. The largest (10.5 thousand of hectares) and the clearest is lake Kamennoe. It has 98 islands and  lots of capes and bays. The depth of the lake is 26 meters. On its shores there used to be a few settlements of Karels.

A short (25 meters), but very beautiful and wide river Kamennaja, which brings its waters to the White Sea, flows from the lake. All the visitors are impressed with a majestic Tsar-rapid.

There are 16 fish species in the lakes and rivers, the most valuable of which is salmon. The other fishes of the reserve are white-fish, umber, perch and roach.

The landscapes of the reserve are typical for north taiga. Pineries predominate here - they make about 70 percent. Fir-woods are more rare in occurrence (20 percent), they are located close to hills and river valleys. Deciduous plantations are rare too. The age of the forestst is about 200-300 years old.

Of the typical  taiga animals, the most intersting are reindeer, canadian beaver and rare birds: sea-eagle, golden eagle, osprey, goose and hooper.

Altogether there are about 350 species of vascular plants, more that a hundred mosses, 32 species of mammals, 182 species of birds, 2 kinds of reptiles and 3 species of amphibians in the reserve.

There are tourist routes, known both in Russia and abroad, on the territory of the reserve so that tourists were able to get acquinted with the nature of the reserve. In summer these are foot walks along the ecological path, canoe route down Kamennaja river; in winter - skiing through the forests. There are goust houses and saunas on the routes.

In 1989 on the basis of Kostomukshsky reserve and 5 near-by protected territories of Finland an international reserve "Friendship" was formed. This is a perfect example of a famous thesis "Nature doesn't have borders".

The   information center for  the reserve, which is located in Kostomuksha city, has equipped research labarotories and museums of the northern nature.

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