Tolvojarvy landscape reserve

More than 170 animal species inhabit the territory of the reserve. According to the research works, “Tolvojarvi” reserve is one of the most valuable nature territories in Suoyarvsky region. Lots of game animal species live here: squirrel,  hare,  elk,  marten, lynx,  bear,  wood grouse and many others. There is a huge site of reproduction of swans and geese. Many pray birds and owls are common here. Rare species of arctic fauna can also be met. These are plover, ruff, tern. A mass flight of water birds is registered on the territory of the reserve.

The list of rare and vulnerable animals consists of 41 species, 28 of them are listed   in the Red Book. Seventeen bird species are listed   in the Red Book of Russia and Karelia: golden eagle, fish-hawk, loom, swan, goose, smew, crane, broody hen, eage-owl, kestrel and others. Ten mammal species and one reptile species are  listed  in the Red Book of Karelia.

The flora of this region is mainly poor. Taiga wood species prevail in the reserve. All these species are usual for Karelia and are the base of the flora.

Thus,the reserve os Tolvojrvi      some southern species like lily of the valley and alder-trees are rather usual for “Tolvojarvi”. In the places with richer soils decorative ferns can be found. Dogwood is a representative of the northern flora. This plant has large dark-red berries, which are inedible. They ripen at the same time as red bilberries and are difficult to define.

Water plants are also very interesting. All of the species found on this territory are typical for lakes with pure water and can disappear if the water is polluted.

Thus, the regime of “Tolvojarvi” contributes to the protection and rational use of the flora. By its ecological value and solemnity for the preservation of biological variety of the region, “Tolvojarvi” can be compared with “Kivach” reserve and the national park of Vodlozerskiy. Visit Suojarvskiy region and the landscape reserve “Tolvojarvi” and you’ll enjoy all the beauty of this unique nature territory!

Ecological tourism is developed on the territory of the reserve. Scientists have formed 7 tourist routes 5-10 km long on the territory of the reserve. There are places for camping and WCs on the routes. The problem of giving the territory the status of a national part is being discussed.

By the middle of November 2002 the first organizational stage of the project financed within the limits of international TACIS program was completed.  The   second stage,till 2004 it is planned to create the entire tourist infrastructure in the reserve and to prepare the specialists to work with Finnish tourists.


Address: Suoyarvsky region

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