River Chirka-Kemi flows in the moddle part of Northern Karelia. In connection with the pecularities of its geological structure the river has lots of obstacles (rapids, rifts) caused by egresses of rocks. Chirka-Kemi belongs to the basin of Kemi River, which is the largest in Karelia.

The river starts in Kemali lake and flows into Kemi river from the right side. General extension of the river is 180 kms. Both rivers run along the cross-country, which is especially notably near Krivoy and Tahko rapids. In these places rocky ridges go up to 100 meters. There are huts of fishermenand mowers along the shores of the river. Chirka-Kemi is rich with fish, in nearby forests grow bilberries, red whortleberries, great bilberries and cloudberries.

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