Suna is the second largest (280 kms) river in Karelia. It springs from a small lake Kivijarvi, which is located in the spurs of West-Karelian eminence. In the course of 50 kms till Kovdozero lake it is called Sun, lower - Suna. The river flows into Kondopogian inlet of Lake Onego. Almost a third part of its length falls on lakes, but the rest of it has a rough current with lots of rapids and waterfalls. There are 3 famous waterfalls on the river: Girvas (general height of dip - 14.8 m), Por-Porog (16.8 m) and Kmvach (10.7). After the waters of Suna river were directed to Kondopozhskaja hydroelectric power station, the first two waterfalls dried out and the third one is not working to its full capacity.

Suna is very popular among water tourists. The majority of its rifts is not difficult to pass through. The shores of Suna river are mostle stony, but sandy areas can also be found here.

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