Chelmuzhi spit

It is located in Medvezhegorsky region, on the south-eastern shore of Povenezky bay of the Onego Lake; the opposite side of the village of Chelmuzhi.

It is the monument of the last glacier’s activity and the object of All-Russian geological exhibitions. It represents a very picturesque sandy cape which is lasting to the north-east in 13 kilometers. "Kosa" is complicated: it had emerged as a result of glacier’s thawing and includes ranges, deltas, lacustrine and glacial terraces, a great number of craters (as traces of glacier’s thawing). You will also see outcrops of sandy and clay post-glacial ranges. Absolute height where surface of delta lies is 90 meters.

Such protective measure as prohibition of extracting the soil and moving it, capital building and disafforesting can preserve the monument. But such kinds of restricted economical activity as gathering berries and mushrooms, hunting, fishing are possible if it will not destroy the spit.

туристский портал

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