Girvas open-pit mine of Suna river

This is a unique geological object.

Girvas open-pit mine has the status of a monument according to the instructions of the Ministry Council of Karelia from 29.07.81. According to the same instructions the authorities of Kondopoga and city committee realize the control over the monument on the conservation of nature.

The open-pit mine of ancient (about 2 billions years) sedimentary rocks is called Jatuliiskiy. The object attracts attention of foreign geologists. It is studied since 19 century.

In coastal breakaways geological formations are easily seen. In the basis of the open-pit mine there is lava coverage of basalt. By the nature of the lamination it is to define that they were pended in fluvial conditions. Thickness of the coverage is 27 meters. The rocks of sedimentary genesis are located above.

The open mine is completed with three lava covers, which alternate with other sedimentary rocks. Lava flows and covers are made of basalt. Volcanic and sedimentary rocks are connected with the activity of Girvas volcano. In sedimentary stratas there are fossil signs of ripple of the former pool.

The open-pit mine opened after the building of hydroelectric power station, which had lowered water level in the river.

The mine is visited by the participants of all scientific conferences on geology, which take place in Karelia.

The monument is in the southern part of Girvas village, lower than the former waterfall of the same name, which was well known before.

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