Sundozero open-pit mine

The open-pit mine is in the preservation zone of "Kivach" reserve. It belongs to the main paleonthologic objects. Here numerous ancient algal formations — stromatiolites - are described. They are found in outcrops of dolomites for the distance of 2,5 kilometers. The circuit of rounded exposures 1,5-2 meters high and 200 m wide can been seen along the shore of Sundozero lake. In dolomite layers the fossil oddments of algaes often have the prismatic, cylindrical form. In diameter they reach about 1,5-2 centimeters.

The status the nature monument means that it is protected from destruction both by nature and humans. The visitors do not only look and make photographs. They want to break off a stone or two. So the unique nature monuments disappear with time. In order to prevent this the security rule is established. According to the rule it is prohibited to extract and move soils, to cut the trees, to build roads, to make fires and to plough.

The today's level of nature protection business is unsatisfactory. There are even no memorable signs and information shields on the territory. Because of a poor control Sundozero monument is being destroyed step-by-step. At the examination in 1987 lots of damages was found. The successful solution of problems of protection for scientific, cognitive and practical reasons is impossible without the participation of scientists and people. The regional specialists should also take part in the solution of the problem.

The monument is on the southwest shore of Sundozero lake, to the southeast from Raiguba village.

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