Waterfall Voitsky Padun

The waterfall is situated in Middle Karelia on Lower Vyg river 2 kms away from Nadvoitsy village. Nowadays the waterfall almost doesn’t exist, there is only its dried up bed among dark rocks, green forests and huge boulders. But once the waterfall was famous, legends and poems about it were composed. Its popularity had grown up in 18th century, when Voitskiy cgold-bearing mine was found near it. Now both the waterfall and the mine are the objects of tourist interest.

The waterfall stopped working in 1933, when the river became a part of Belomoro-Baltic Canal and was covered with a chain of hydroelectric power stations. At that time its water took a new river-bed. The vertical fall was 4.2 meters, the waterfall was divided into 3 parts by islands. The right inflow called "Melnichnyi", was used for floating logs, the middle one - "Elovyy" - was the largest, the third one - "Bokovoy" - the widest.

A popular author M.M.Prishvin was one of the last famous people, who had visited the acting waterfall.

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