Rope park «Vuori»

Rope park «Vuori» opened on the basis of the entertainment center "Gorka", the first ski center in Petrozavodsk, located in close by to the city center. In Finnish it is a «vuori» and translated as a "hill".
Rope Park will be enjoyed by both adults and children. This is a great place for active recreation.

The park has three levels: ground, middle and upper. The first level (ground) is for children and corporate parties. The second level (middle) is located at a height of 2 to 4 meters, to the growth of children 90 centimeters. The upper level is located at a height of 6 to 10 meters.

Ground level (for children up to 6 years): 300 rub. / Person.
Medium level (for groups of 5 people): 600 rub. / Person.
Medium + Upper level: 800 rub. / Person.
Ground + Middle + Upper level (2.5-3 hours): 1000 rub. / Person.
It is possible in addition to the program have tea and pancakes: 100 rub. / Person.

Before heading out to conquer the summit, park staff will conduct safety training and proper behavior at a height. When visiting the park you will use the latest harness: helmet, safety cables, carabiners and gloves.

Rope Park - a unique place where you can assess their capabilities in overcoming obstacles at a height where you will be above all and not be afraid to fall!

Location: Entertainment Center HILL, Lososinskaya Highway 17
Phone: +7 (921) 628-67-46, +7 (911) 430-83-31 (Anastasia Klopotov) 26-13-81

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