Rural tourism in Karelia

Rural tourism appeared in Europe in the 70-ies. At that time ecological problems emerged in many huge cities and people rushed to wild nature, to fresh air and to natural foodstuff. Nowadays this kind of tourism develops very quickly and becomes especially popular among foreign travelers.

Rural tourism means not only village accommodation, but also the whole rural infrastructure. It includes regular transport services among built-up areas, information centers, restaurants, cafes and bars. At the same time every guest must feel the comforts of home and individual attention.

Republic of Karelia seems to be created exactly for a meditative vacation alone with the nature. Everyone  will joy running in the grass barefooted, touching soft rabbit skin and breathing in the smell of newly-baked bread. Forests, rivers and hills will help you to relax and forget all the problems of everyday life. One week here is enough to recuperate your body and soul.

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