General information
Suoyarvsky region (area - 13.7 thousand sq. km., Population - 23,2 thousand people), located in the north-west of South Karelia, It has borders in the north with Muezersky and Medvezhyegorsky district, in the east – with Kondopoga, in the south – with Pryazhinskoye and Pitkäranta region, with self-governing Sortavala and Finland - in the west. At 10 km from the border area and 190 km from g.Suoyarvi is an international crossing point "Wartsila" that provides good opportunities for orientation to the area of tourist flows from Scandinavia.

Suoyarvsky district was formed July 9, 1940. Now besides the administrative center - g.Suoyarvi it includes 44 localities.
Cultural and historical characteristics
In the district you can see saved villages with traditional Karelian buildings. Among them is the village. Veshkelitsy, located on the shores of seven small lakes. On a hill in the center of the village, is the chapel of St. George (XVII c.), Which has the status of an architectural monument of national importance. The village is the center of historical and cultural territory "northwest livviki."
The area was also the scene of active hostilities in the last war. Especially heavy fighting took place on the heights near Kollasjärvi st.Loymola. Here, to this day the remains of fortifications: trenches, tank obstacles etc.
Totally there are 137 cultural and historical sites witch are in public accounting.
Key lines of tourist development:
-              development of eco and nature tourism in a landscape reserve "Tolvajärvi";
-              development of tourism on the basis of military-memorial complex "Kollasjärvi";
-              Education Natural Park Koitajoki - Tolvajärvi;
-              development of ecological, water sports, fishing, hunting tourism
-              active involvement in the tourist activities of cultural and historical heritage of the area (village centers of folk storytelling and Korpiselkya Tolvajärvi, St. George chapel (XVII c.) in der.Veshkelitsa, "Swedish stone" in settlement Porosozero etc.).

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