The village of Pogrankondushi is situated on The Blue Highway between Olonets and Pitkaranta, 2 km from the shore of Lake Ladoga. The settlement was mentioned as "Kondushi" in the archives from 1568. The traditional dwelling houses combine the patterns of the wooden architecture typical both for Karelians and for Firms as а result of the village's location on the border of the ethnic area of the Olonets Karelians and the Firms of the northern Lake Ladoga shore. The panorama over the Lake Ladoga from the centre of the village is breathtaking.

Due to its location the village has been of great strategic importance - from its elevated position it is possible to observe the vast shore area and а large part of the Lake Ladoga. During many centuries, geopolitical interests of Russia, Sweden and Finland were concentrated on this very place. Some objects of historical interest from different periods have been preserved in the village and its neighbourhood.

Near the centre of Pogrankondushi there is а lighthouse previously used for navigating in the lake between Olonets and Pitkyaranta.

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