Medvezhegorsk was founded in 1916 in connection with the building of the Murmansk (now Oktjabrskaja) Railway as the settlement at the station Medvezhja Gora (opened in 1916). The settlement was named like the village Medvezhja Gora which was the nearest - only 30 km away from the station.

While the building of Belomorsko-Baltiisky Canal (1931-1933) the Administration of Canal Building was situated there, later - the Administration of Belomorsko-Baltiisky Industrial Complex.

In 1938 the settlement Medvezhja Gora was reorganized into city with name Medvezhegorsk.

Statistic data:
City of regional submission (Medvezhegorsky Region, the Republic of Karelia)
Center: (Medvezhegorsky Region, the Republic of Karelia)
The date of foundation: 1916
City status since: 1938
The city was named Medvezhja Gora: 1916 - 1938
Phone code: 81434*****
Deflection from Moscow time: 0
Latitude: 62˚56΄
Longitude: 34˚25΄

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