Historical and cultural value of the territory of Kemskiy region, which is located on the shore of the White Sea, is formed by the presence of ancient settlements. These are the villages of Panozaro, Gridino, Pongoma, Letnaja Rechka, Kalgalaksha. All of them are well-preserved and have lots of architectural monuments. The Pomorian village of Gridino is especially interesting for its chaotic building up. The first settlements on the shore of the White Sea appeared in XIV century. In these houses the living and utility rooms are united under one roof. The owners of the houses try to preserve them, but it is rather difficult because of financial strains and the age of the owners.

Private barns, which are also considered to be a historical and architectural value, are located along the shore of the bay. A few barn are destroyed and there is no money to reconstruct them as well as saunas. The left barns differ in details. The church of Nicholas Wonderworker is repeatedly renovated. At first it was a chapel made of two parts. During the second building period (the middle of XIX century) the chapel was rebuilt into a church.

The Gridino residents regret that there is no opportunity to renovate it. Still the administration tries to preserve it. Four windows were replaced, the floor was renovated. It is planned to make a new stove and to change the lighting. Still it depends on the money if this will be done.

The complex of the Pomorian cemetery, which is considered to be the unique cultural and historical phenomena of Russian culture, is also interesting. The complex of 49 memorials includes tombstones. In the past almost all of them had a miniature roof. Some of the tombs had a wooden crosses, the others coppery icons, which can rarely be found nowadays. The memorials are old and sometimes just lie on the tombs. If properly equipped, the complex may be of a great interest for tourist shows. Still, now it is in an emergency situation.

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