Segezha is located in the central part of Karelia (about 270 km to the north from Petrozavodsk), on the western shore of Vygozero, at the point where the Segezha River flows into the lake. The origin of the name comes from the Finnish word "sees" meaning "clear, bright".

The first mention of the village Segezha belongs to the documents of Olonetskiy district of 1905. In 1915 as a result of Murmansk railway system building a new station Segezha appeared on the map of Karelia. Later an industrial settling of the territory began. The developed in the 30s for the construction of a pulp and paper milk and timber mill, in December of 1943 a large locality was renamed into the city, and in 1945 it became an administrative center of the region. In 1991 the city Segezha was regarded as one of the cities of republican subjection by the decree of the Supreme Court of Karelia Republic.

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