Muezero – is a karelian village, known since XVI century, with a male monastery on the shore. It`s name arises to the word Mue, means whitefish, which was fished there. The village was completly destroyed in the days of WWII .

On the Troitsky island, in Lake Muezero was Muezersky jail. It was built before 1580 (exact date unknown), he was the first fortification in our area, designed to protect a small monastery, located on Troitsky Island.

St. Nicholas Church (1602-1605 гг.) and bell tower on four pillars were built later on the island. Tent – shape type church and chapel are preserved. In the chapel, you can see a three-meter wooden cross. It was made by elder Alex in 1672, as evidenced by an inscription on it. Beside the church and the chapel there is another chapel-tomb.

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