Vorenzha is located in the southeast of the White Sea region (north-east of Karelia). It is situated on both banks of the river Sumi, which follows from Pulozero. Inhabited area of settlements divided by Sumi river in two parts, connected in the center by old wooden bridge.
A lot of traditional design elements and details you can see on housfronts. There are 17 newly discovered objects - Elias Church, the end of XIX - beginning XX centuries. House with a balcony, the end of XIX - beginning XX centuries. Thirteen barns, the end of XIX - beginning XX centuries., Two baths, a the end of XIX - beginning XX centuries. Elias Church is located in the center of the village Vorenzha on the left bank Sumi River and it is an architectural dominant in building of settlements.
Planning and construction of the village Vorenzhi in a complex with the surrounding natural landscape is undoubtedly historical, architectural and artistic interest and deserves to be preserved. In the future, the village Vorenzha may be part of a tourist route covering Pomeranian settlement Suhoe, Wyrma and Sumy Posad and continental villages Lapino, Sumostrov and Pulozero.

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