This land still retains traces of sometimes dramatic historical events, the collision of different cultural traditions. The first settlers saami left their mark of their time in archeology, and place-names of local villages.

Old Belief had a strong influence on the architecture of the Karelian villages. Elderly, old men, being or becoming Believers them recently, often separated from their families and lived separately in the cells. Cells were mostly built in the village, near with the home. In Tungude were many cells, and to this day remained the order of five.
In the center of the village, on the shore of the lake is a chapel, the monument of the end of XIX - early XX centuries. It is a unique example of a chapel with a cascading roof. Nearby two centuries old spruce are growing - the remains of the sacred groves.
In addition, a large cluster of archaeological sites in the North Karelia and one of the largest in Northern Europe are situated here (found more than 150 archaeological sites).

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