Lisja Selga

Lisja Selga

The village of Lisja Selga is 5 km to the west from Olonets-Petrozavodsk highway. Its planning structure has remained the same as it was in the second half of XIX. This is a small settlement with sporadic and compact planning. There is no regularity in the location of houses that is why the village is especially picturesque and scenic. The masters tended to direct a living part of the house towards south, the sun and create favourable climate to live in near the house.

The settlement includes traditional for all Karel-Livviks big houses with barns and bath-houses (“banya”). There is a small chapel (beg. of XX). Well-preserved historical structure of the village and traditional buildings are of interest for architects and ethnographs. Some of the buildings - a house and barns – are included into the list of folk architecture monuments. There is no electricity in the settlement. People come here only during summer.

Organization of introductory excursions to the village, preserving its historical pattern and landscape of the end of XIX century almost without any changes. Visit to one of the traditional houses, where the interior shall be restored. It is possible to organize staying during several days for a small group or family and fishing. It is necessary to perform restoration operations of the monuments, put information desks, publish a brouchure, and organize a bus stop.

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