Bolshaya Selga

Bolshaya Selga

The village of Bolshaya Selga is 10 km far from the town of Olonets. The first records are referred to the end of XVII century and existing buildings and planning to the second half the XIX century.

Bolshaya Selga is placed on the watershed of rivers Megrega and Olonka. Officially the village of Bolshaya Selga is a part of one big settlement called Selga, consisting of three parts: Bolshaya Selga, Malaya Selga and Kamenny Rushey.

The village has many farmsteads; houses are located in rows or lines. The main part of buildings is on "selga" – a hill (or a heigh) spreading from northwest to southeast. Groups of bath-houses ("banya") are placed in the lowland of a small "lamba" (forest lake) and in the southern part of the village among the rows of houses. In the past the village had peripherally arranged emphasis – a chapel ("chasovnya") with a belfry ("zvonnitsa", or "kolokolnya", or a bell tower of small churches), which are ruined now.

The village consists mainly of big timber houses of the end of XIX – beg. XX centuries, which are traditional for Olonets Karelians. There are several monuments of architecture in the village and a street of old houses. Dubrovin’s house is the most interesting one.

The village of Bolshaya Selga can become an attractive tourist object near the highway of "Golybaya Doroga" (blue road) route. The settlement has preserved its historical pattern of traditional Karelian village with picturesque surroundings and landscape. Among the houses there are monuments of folk architecture. Without any doubt Dubrovin’s folk art works are interesting for tourists. The master lived and worked in Bolshaya Selga, where his house was. His works are represented in other houses as well

The village of Bolshaya Selga is proposed to be used as an object for excursions to get the tourists acquainted with traditional Karelian village. The guests will have an opportunity to walk along a village street (from the center of the village to the chapel) and see original pieces of wooden architecture. When walking the tourists get acquainted with works of Dubrovin, a carpenter (decoration of the facades). In addition it is possible to visit other houses of the village and see pieces of furniture, made by the master. The excursion ends at Dubrovin’s house, the most interesting architectural monument in Bolshaya Selga.

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