"Ages and ages ago, when our grand grand parents tilled lighter land, and the sun was more caressing, a peasant’s son named Bard met a beautiful girl Aira. The first "izhond" and "emag", a master and a mistress started living in a perfect harmony. And they lived at the place where they had met. The village of Shreltozero is there now." This is the legend kept in memories of village people.

Sheltozero is an old Vepsian settlement, known at the end of XV century. Its name is included into all geographical dictionaries of Russia and Europe. Since 1994 it has become the center of Vepsian national volost (region), consisting of seven historical villages (Shoksha, Rybreka etc.). It is located on the south-western coast of Onego Lake, 84 km far from Petrozavodsk.

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